Halle Berry And Halle Bailey Hung Out, And The Photos Are Adorable

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Written By Maya Cantina

Halle Berry and Halle Bailey are quite the dynamic duo. Other than their first names and initials (which has led to confusion among fans), other things these two stars have in common are being powerhouses on the big screen and their shared love for each other. While we’ve seen the two Halles communicate on social media, the pair have actually hung out and posted adorable photos of their sweet outing.

These same-initialed actresses truly are quite the pair we didn’t know we needed. Halle Berry posted Instagram photos of her and Bailey attending the Inter Miami vs LA Galaxy soccer game. Take a look at the adorable photos of the pair below:

The two Halles looked beautiful attending the MLS game together. My favorite photo is the one when the pair hugged each other in a loving embrace. Among the many social media users who commented how much they wanted this moment to happen was The Little Mermaid star herself who said something very sweet to the X-Men actress.

i was living for this moment!! thank you for being so kind to me you’ve made my life 😭💕💕🥰

Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Another comment that caught my attention was when a social media user requested that the two actresses star in a movie together. That would be the best. With the love the two show in these photos, I think Berry and Bailey would make an excellent mother/daughter duo in a movie. Plus, you can’t argue that the two beautiful women have a resemblance to each other that would make looking related believable. For now, all we can do is dream.

Halle Berry has been a big supporter of Halle Bailey’s career. You can actually thank The Little Mermaid for the start of their friendship. Originally, people thought the Bruised actress was playing Ariel in the Disney remake due to how similar her name is to Bailey. After Berry congratulated Bailey on the honor of taking on the Disney film lead, the Grown-ish actress responded that it meant “the world” to her to hear from the Oscar winner. Once The Little Mermaid opened in theaters, the Monster’s Ball actress shared two posts of how proud she was of her. The support didn’t stop there. When Bailey shared her first look at her baby Halo, Berry commented big welcomes to the 23-year-old’s new baby and to the new mama herself entering the new world of motherhood. 

The Golden Globe actress was an inspiration to Halle Bailey since before she was born. After all, the story of how Bailey got her name was because her parents are big fans of Halle Berry. They initially wanted their daughter’s name to be Hailey. While Hailey Bailey would certainly be a catchy name, there’d be a lot of rhyming going on. So, it was decided on Halle in which the American actress and singer said “There’s no one else I’d rather have a similar name to than her.” The Chloe x Halle performer also channeled Berry one Halloween dressing up as an OG Catwoman looking feisty as ever. If these two could star in a movie together, we could see that working chemistry light up the big screen.

Halle Bailey and Halle Berry looked incredible together attending the Inter Miami vs LA Galaxy soccer game. Hopefully, that dream will come when the two can work on a project together. Until then, you can look at our 2024 movie releases to follow the careers of both of these talented ladies. 


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