How To Wear Colored Tights: The 2024 Guide

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Tights have been a favored fashion trend for seasons now, often seen on the runway as part of a no-pants look (see: the fall 2023 collections from Miu Miu, Gucci, and Christian Siriano), but now colored tights, particularly those of the red variety, have become increasingly prominent. Appearing during the holiday party season, as well as Spring 2024 street style, bold hosiery has made a statement in the last six months. Of course, red is not the only shade bright enough to turn heads. Hailey Bieber has advocated for white and brown stockings, worn with a fitted minidress and pumps, for a night out. Meanwhile, others have showcased colorful variations underneath oversized suiting and denim, peeking out at the ankle for a fun “sock” moment.  Source

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