Jeff Goldblum’s 4 Best Super Bowl 2024 Moments

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You think Jeff Goldblum only does apartments? You buffoon, this man can sell a whole house like Borden sells whole milk.

Actually, is a brand new offshoot of, and it doesn’t look like Brad Bellflower is going to pull double duty for the company’s new brand. This will fall to Dan Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” and Heidi Gardner of “Saturday Night Live.” Dan plays Luke, who, having inherited the company from his great-uncle, is eager to shake things up. One of his bold strategies involves hiring Lil Wayne as a financial expert, which I think we all can agree is a capital idea.

The board of the company is initially cold to his pitch, but when he blasts a giant champagne cork through the office via a helicopter-hoisted giant champagne bottle, he wins the approval of Brad Bellflower, which, in the domicile-dealing universe, is evidently all that matters.

Three ads is quite a busy (and, given what Super Bowl commercials pay out to their directors and actors, intensely lucrative) day, but Chef Goldblum wasn’t done cooking.


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