Knives, shots, EM and Benjamin Blümchen: Knives, shots, EM and Benjamin Blümchen Kaiser’s royal weekly overview

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The European Football Championship started on Friday with the opening match between Germany and Scotland in Munich. However, there was little evidence of the general enthusiasm that the so-called summer fairy tale had sparked during the 2006 home World Cup in the run-up to the tournament. Not only has the relationship between German fans and their team cooled considerably in recent years despite or perhaps because of the DFB’s good rainbow weather, but the ‘changed security situation’ in the country has also made many Germans want to get involved. the immersion in a shared frenzy of joy at the public viewing events on offer is significantly reduced.

However, anyone who had believed that it would definitely be safer to watch the major sporting event privately and with your own people this time was proven wrong in the first minutes of the European Championship. Shortly after the kick-off of the German opening match, an Afghan knifeman stormed a private football party in Magdeburg and randomly stabbed the fans present.

Shots in Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover, stabbings in Ingolstadt

Two of the three people who fell victim to the attack by the uninvited guest were seriously injured. The same perpetrator is said to have previously murdered another Afghan in a prefabricated residential area. The times when you could at least feel safe at home are apparently over. At least when you are at home in Germany.

An Afghan stabbed himself again in a park in Ingolstadt on Saturday. During an argument in the park, the 17-year-old suddenly pulled out a knife and attacked his 24-year-old opponent. He then fled to his apartment, where he was later arrested. Despite serious injuries, the victim dragged himself to the nearest bus stop, where he was discovered and taken to hospital.

It’s also a Wild West on the street. There was a shooting in Berlin during the European Championship match between Italy and Albania. A 23-year-old man was seriously injured by gunfire. One hundred units have secured the crime scene and the surrounding area. However, the fugitive perpetrator has not yet been arrested. In Hamburg, a man with a pickaxe and a Molotov cocktail attacked police officers standing on the edge of the Dutch fan march. The officers then used the firearm and knocked down the attacker. In the Hannover region, police also had to open fire on a knifeman.

Guesswork after the success of the AfD elections in the EU

In addition to the moderate euphoria about the European Football Championship, which could certainly be increased by the 5-1 victory of the German national team over the Scots, the media week was mainly characterized by comments on the European elections. In particular, the fact that the AfD, despite all the left-wing journalism, has become the second strongest force – and has done so well with young voters in particular – has not ensured that many failed opinion makers have calmed down even days after the elections.

However, it clearly did not give the party’s opponents anything to think about. In any case, the methods they are using to counter the shift to the right are the same as those they used in the run-up to the EU elections – with resounding failure. The AfD voters are labeled as ‘stupid, racist Nazis’ who voted ‘against their own interests’ – and for whom you are not allowed to understand them, talk to them or be friends with them. So people continue to write and dance on social media against the ‘right-wing populists’. All you can really say is: keep it up!

Meanwhile, people at public broadcasters seem to hope that they only have to explain the world to the ‘stupid’ people until they understand it too. That is why the ARD Tagesschau is now also available in “simple language”. It seems a bit cynical to consistently fool people for years through your own programs and then serve the public, which is devoid of independent thinking, with the intellectual fast food version of your own green opinion sauce.

Body shaming against Benjamin Blümchen

A daycare center in Bautzen that bore the name “Benjamin Blümchen” for 32 years has changed its name. This was decided by the Saxony city council, which considered the name after the cartoon hero “no longer current”. The main reason would be the high sugar consumption of the popular elephant. The daycare center, which was recognized two years ago as a ‘Sporty Daycare Center’, now focuses primarily on the themes of ‘exercise’ and ‘nature’, according to a city press release about the name change.

This means that the ‘comfortable, sugar-busting’ elephant is no longer compatible with the concept of the educational institution. This is truly body shaming of the worst kind! How must Bautzen Bitteschön’s fat children feel when their personal lifestyle is so pilloried by the cute radio play character?

But the city council went even further by justifying the name change with the fact that “some children only know the sociable elephant from the stories of their parents.” This makes the new name of the daycare center, which now has the ‘timeless’ name ‘Spreewichtel’, not only insulting to the body, but also age-discriminatory. Somehow this all sounds so old fashioned.

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