MLB The Show 24 Review: Another Home Run

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PlayStation’s MLB The Show series has been the best baseball game for over 15 years at this point, and nothing has changed in that department with MLB The Show 24. What’s impressive, though, is that San Diego Studio has never fallen prey to regression or stagnation. This year is another example of the franchise continuing to better itself, even when there is no real competition.

Once again, MLB The Show 24 is a triumph in the gameplay department. You simply won’t find a better simulation baseball game. Not only is the realism there, from little touches on batter animations to ball trajectory, but it’s also wonderfully adjustable. There are so many options, sliders, and ways to play that you can really figure out a way for the game to meet your needs, whether you want a more arcade-style experience or not. Everything from baserunning to fielding is a delight and has been so for years.

So what’s new on the gameplay front? Nothing particularly huge. There are a few hundred new animations, and the AI is slightly smarter than in previous years, although it’s not likely to be noticed by your average player. There’s also a few tweaks to better reflect changes in baseball, such as animations that tailor toward the new disengagement rule and slightly different base sizes. It’s all very in the weeds, so really, all you need to know is that there’s more polish than ever.

Last year’s excellent Storylines feature continues with another chapter chronicling some of the best Negro League players. These are still so wonderfully done, with nicely crafted video packages that celebrate baseball history and its Black pioneers. This time around, the players spotlighted are Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Hank Aaron, and Toni Stone. It’s great getting to learn their stories as I was only familiar with Aaron, and it’s incredible that women’s baseball has such a rich history I was unaware of.

Another wonderful addition to the Storylines mode is one that celebrates the career of Derek Jeter. This is another great addition and one that will drive more interest, as the Yankees’ captain is one of the best players in recent history. This allows players to relive several key moments in the early portion of his career, ranging from his first hit to playing in the MLB finals. Hopefully, this will become a yearly tradition and trademark as it adds a lot to the package.

Of course, all modes from previous years return, including the Road to the Show career mode, which is where I spend most of my time. One cool new addition is the ability to create a female ballplayer and see their career play out. This is an addition to the fully-featured mode rather than a half-baked attempt at inclusion, and Women’s USA Baseball team member Kelsie Whitmore even consulted on it.

MLB The Show 24 is another great entry in Sony’s baseball series. With more polish, some great new features, and the same winning core gameplay, this is the best offering yet. Baseball fans on all platforms can’t go wrong here.

SCORE: 9/10

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Disclosure: The publisher provided a PlayStation 5 copy for our MLB The Show 24 review. Reviewed on version 1.002.000.


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