Mom and four teenage girls renting an eerie Airbnb in rural Kentucky reveal why they left early after ‘unsettling’ discovery

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Written By Maya Cantina
  • Family left their Airbnb after noticing things seemed out of place
  • They found that all the windows and doors that were closed were now opened
  • A car with tinted windows drove away from the house after it was spotted

A family fled the Airbnb they were renting in rural Kentucky after making several startling observations about the house.

The family, which consisted of the renter, Laura Schilling, her mother, and four teenage girls, were visiting Lexington the weekend of April 13 for one of the girls’ equine competition. 

They were from outside the state, so they booked an Airbnb for the duration of their stay.

They landed in Kentucky late on Thursday night, and were alarmed to find the front door wide open. In a Facebook post that chronicled her harrowing stay, Schilling wrote: ‘I went in knowing that it was the right home based on pictures, but was very leery that there could be someone in the house.’

She checked under all of the beds and inside the closets. Only after Schilling made sure that the house was clear did she let her daughter and her daughter’s friends enter the house.

Laura Schilling (pictured), her mother, her teenage daughter and her three friends were staying at an Airbnb in Lexington, Kentucky when they noticed that someone had entered the house while they were gone

Police were dispatched to the home (pictured) after the family were spooked by a car sitting across the road

 Police were dispatched to the home (pictured) after the family were spooked by a car sitting across the road 

Then she made sure that all of the windows and doors were ‘closed and locked.’ 

The next day, April 13, they left the house, and when they returned, they found ‘that someone had been in the home.’

Schilling explained that they were certain someone had entered the property because ‘the deadbolt was unlocked and the hotel style latch was now open.’

They assumed that the Airbnb owner had dropped by the house and ignored it.  

Later that same day, they went to dinner and then returned to the Airbnb, where they hung out and then got ready for bed around 11:30pm. 

It was late, and it was dark outside. Schilling, her mother, and the four teenagers were ready to go to sleep.

But then one of the girls burst into the Schilling’s room.

‘One of the girls came in and told me that her window was open. My mom and I went to find that both windows in their room were indeed unlocked and cracked open’ 

‘My mom and I went to find that both windows in their room was indeed unlocked and cracked open width. I then checked my daughter and her friends room with the same result.’

They were confused. 

Schilling inspected the rest of the windows in the home and discovered that they were all in a similar position.

But when they had left for dinner, all of the windows had been closed.

Then Schilling saw something that made her blood run cold.

‘I went back to the original open window to find that the screens had also been removed. When I opened the window, there was a car that had been parked across the street with tinted windows.’

Schilling looked at the car with tinted windows, but not for long.

‘When I looked up and looked at their car, the car immediately started and took off.’

Schilling’s mother called 911, and the Lexington Police Station quickly dispatched a deputy to the scene.

According to authorities, officers were sent to the Airbnb around 11:38 pm. The family had reported suspicious activity.

‘When officers arrived, they learned that the guests had arrived back at the residence and noticed a door unlocked and a window opened,’ Lexington police told WXIN.

‘Nothing was reported missing, and officers could not determine if someone had unlawfully entered the residence.’

Schilling said that the deputy insisted that they leave because they ‘were in danger.’

He warned them that ‘they would indeed be back,’ and the deputy helped them find a hotel to stay in. 

Lexington Police Officers remained at the property until the family had finished packing their belongings and left for a local hotel.

Schilling was very complimentary of the officers’ assistance: 

‘I think that the officers did an outstanding job and definitely made us feel safe.’

They also felt like the law enforcement’s response validated their concerns.

‘When we opened the garage doors and saw that there were two cars and officers standing outside, it made us feel really safe. It also validated what happened to us.’

Lexington police stated that as of this moment, there is no indication that the incident is linked to human trafficking. The Lexington Police Department leads the states in human trafficking-related arrests.

They are actively investigating whether or not any criminal activity took place.

The renter hopes that their experience will inspire other travelers to be more vigilant.

‘I told the girls that they should always trust their instincts when they feel that something is wrong. If they had not noticed that cracked window. If they had thought it was no big deal and just went to bed…But they didn’t.’

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