Numbers Show Which NBA Team Gets The Most Free Throws Per Game

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With only a handful of games remaining in the 2023-24 NBA season, teams are beginning to ramp up for the upcoming Play-In Tournament and 2024 NBA playoffs.

The standings in both conferences bear monitoring as playoff positioning is on the line and the competition has started to resemble postseason basketball in recent weeks.

The level of competition has picked up and subsequently so has the intensity on both ends of the floor.

Defensively, teams are being challenged to try and defend without fouling, though some teams have learned how to draw contact and earn a whistle.

In playoff basketball, officials typically allow players to get away with more contact though that hasn’t stopped some teams from taking advantage of how referees are calling games.

Some teams are just naturals at drawing fouls and StatMuse showed which teams are the best at getting to the free-throw line, via their Twitter account.

“Most free throw attempts per game this season: 24.6 — Bucks (Most in NBA), 24.5 — Magic, 24.3 — Lakers, 24.0 — 76ers … 20.3 — Spurs, 20.1 — Wizards, 20.1 — Nuggets, 18.6 — Hornets (Fewest in NBA).”

The Milwaukee Bucks being at the top of the list shouldn’t be very surprising given how hard it is to stop Giannis Antetokounmpo when he’s got a full head of steam going toward the bucket.

The Orlando Magic are also a scrappy team that like to score near the rim, while the Los Angeles Lakers have battering rams in Anthony Davis and LeBron James, who live in the painted area.

Lastly, the Philadelphia 76ers would’ve likely been at the top of the list had Joel Embiid not gotten hurt, though they remain a threat to get to the rim also.

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