Security Footage Captures Moment Man is Viciously Assaulted and Robbed by a Large Group of Teens in Downtown Cincinnati – Two Suspects Released the Next Day After Being Arrested (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

Credit: @EndWokeness

Disturbing security footage has captured the moment a helpless man was beaten and robbed by a large group of teens in downtown Cincinnati. But all suspects remain on the streets, thanks partly to the disgraceful “justice” system.

WLWT, which obtained the security footage, reported the awful assault happened on January 23 around 8 p.m. on E. 6th Street.

The footage captured by WLWT shows the victim walking up the sidewalk when he is suddenly ambushed from behind by the youths. He is smacked once in the back of the head, which causes him to fall.

The thugs proceed to rain punches and kick him several times while he’s on the ground. The victim appears to be groaning during the assault.

Then, one of the teens snatches the man’s phone and walks away with most of the crew. A few thugs remain behind to land a few more kicks as the victim screams, “Help me!”


The man somehow escaped with only minor injuries despite the vicious attack, according to WLWT.

Cincinnati police said two people were arrested the same night in connection to the incident: 18-year-old Jadin Shaw and a 14-year-old.

Jadin Shaw Credit: Hamilton County Justice Center

But Shaw was released after posting a $10,000 bond the following day. The younger teen was taken to a juvenile detention center before a so-called judge released him back on the streets the next day as well.

The Municipal Judge who allowed Shaw to bond out is Judge Donte Johnson, according to WKRC.

Fraternal Order of Police Queen City Lodge #69 president, Ken Kober released a Facebook post dripping in anger regarding the weak justice system that allowed these thugs to continue to terrorize the Cincy streets.

These judges let these two folks right out. Both of them are out walking around the street today. In fact, one of them was seen in the same area last night, just walking around, free to go. My guess is (they’re) probably out looking for another victim.

When are judges going to protect the citizens of this county? It’s shameful.


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