Short review of Portugal vs Czech Republic: late luck for Portugal

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With the amount of European Championship match reports you can’t keep up with reading. Better: Taz’s short review – the whole game in just three sentences.

A Portuguese striker's foot on the ball and his opponent's head

Prepared from head to toe for battle: a high Portuguese leg to the head of Antonin Barak Photo: Lisi Niesner/Reuters

One match, two teams, three sets. This is the principle of the quick match report on this European Championship. Shortly after the final whistle, the sentences are on the page. The claim we make is that every football match can be described in three sentences. And what if a lot really happens on the lawn? Then it’s just three long sentences!

Portugal – Czech Republic 2:1 (0:0)

Until the score was 0-1, it was not clear that the Czech Republic had an offensive.

Three own goals in twelve European Championship matches – also a considerable record.

And own goalscorer Hranáč is also involved in the Portuguese’s winning goal, sitting on the ball and unluckily laying it down for Conceição – good night, Czech Republic! (Fridolin Haagen)

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Turkiye – Georgia 3:1 (1:1)



Game! (Markus Völker)

Austria – France 0:1 (0:1)

The chant “Aux Armes” can be heard from the stands – to arms is actually a pretty accurate addition to the game.

Why is N’Golo Kante playing well anyway – he’s been playing in Saudi Arabia for a year?!

Ultimately, all the counter-pressure doesn’t help Own goal by the Austrians counters the grand plans of the tactical fox Ralf Rangnick. (Fridolin Haagen)

A detailed game analysis read here.

Belgium – Slovakia 0:1 (0:1)

Co-favorites Belgium, the heart team and number 3 in the world, are once again their own biggest opponents.

With a stupid bad pass at the corner flag, Jérémy Doku (market value 65 million) made Ivan Schranz’s (2 million) Slovakian lead possible in the 7th minute.

Then nothing of note happened in the rest of the first half, and neither in the second half, except that Romelo Lukako (30 million) scored an offside goal and another goal that was also disallowed due to a handball, and therefore completely surprising , small Slovakia won. (Beate Willms)

Romania – Ukraine 3:0 (1:0)

Huh, Romania is there too?

Does anyone know a player from this team?

After the impressive 3-0 win against a miserable Ukraine, perhaps we should at least remember the names of the goalscorers: Nicolae Stanciu, Răzvan Marin and Denis Drăgus. (Andreas Ruttenauer)

Serbia – England 0:1 (0:1)

The ancient Irish folk song “Sitting in an Irish Bar Watch England Losing” by The Studs played at half-time in the pub in Dublin, but that did not happen because the Serbs were too stupid to score a goal despite good chances.

Harry Kane sang “God Save The Queen” when the national anthem was played before the match, because he has lived in Munich too long, and that was his most notable scene, apart from a crossbar header.

A poll showed that Gareth Southgate was voted the best coach by 37 percent of football fans the England men’s team of all time, but the Guardian wrote that he looked like a man who had made millions inventing the trouser clip. (Ralf Sotscheck)

A detailed game analysis, no, but an analysis of fan behavior read here.

Slovenia – Denmark 1:1 (0:1)

Eriksen of all people, that one Eriksen with the cardiac arrestthe same Eriksen who now plays with a defibrillator and who was recently accused of not being the old Eriksen anymore, so this new old Eriksen scores 1-0 for Denmark after a backheel pass from Wind, what a fairy tale.

Then a terrible misery, because after the opening goal in the 17th minute, the Danes no longer have to and the Slovenians no longer have to.

Until Slovenia wakes up in the final phase, Erik Janza scores to make it 1-1, somehow fair considering so much Danish austerity, and that is the end of the fairy tale. (Alina Schwermer)

Poland – Netherlands 1:2 (1:1)

Hamburg, occupied for a day by the Dutch, sings, dances, drinks and wins together in orange.

Lewandowski watches exhausted as his Polish teammates fight valiantly against the opening defeat after taking the lead, but cannot prevent it.

The Dutch attacking players will have to work on assessing their own chances if they want to achieve the big goal this time. (Mirko Schmid)

Italy – Albania 2:1 (2:1)

Italy’s Rwanda played against Albania’s America.

A match with explosiveness and the first European Championship goal of all time by the Albanians, who dominated the Dortmund stadium.

Then the Italians, who first played fantastic and later played typically Italian, fought back and continued to the end. (Rene Hamann)

Spain – Croatia 3:0 (3:0)

Now we have really heard enough about the age difference between the Spaniard Yamal (16) and the Croatian Luka Modric (38).

One can do it, the other can’t do it very well.

It is true that the match ended 3-0 for Spain. (Doris Akrap)

Hungary – Switzerland 1:3 (0:2)

Because he gave his team a 1-0 lead, we now also know 27-year-old Kwadwo Duah, who only played for Switzerland for the second time and who continues to play for the Bulgarian champion Ludogorets Rasgrad in the shadow of a lot of attention.

You should already have known Michel Aebischer, because he plays for the upcoming Champions League participant FC Bologna, but the fact that he is something of a playmaking full-back was surprising and just as beautiful to see as his goal to score 2. 0.

And when you wondered why the Hungarian game was as tough as an undercooked goulash, Barnabás Varga scored the next goal half an hour before the end, a duel on equal terms with chances on both sides, which then helped Brel Embolo make it 3: 1 for Switzerland ended in injury timeand ultimately has National coach Julian Nagelsmann Especially considering that the two group opponents of the Germans can kick much better than this pathetic Scotland. (Andreas Ruttenauer)

A detailed game analysis read here.

Germany – Scotland 5:1 (3:0)

Was it the work of tournament director Philipp Lahm, who wished the country lightness before kick-off, was it the blessing that Franz Beckenbauer, who was honored at the opening ceremony, gave the Germans from above – or was it just decent football?

Anyway, after just twenty minutes the German fans were singing: oh how beautiful everything was, after the German wonder boys Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala had scored once each.

While it was for the Germans Another penalty goal from Kai Havertz, a hard shot into the top corner from Niclas Füllkrugthe substitution of old master Thomas Müller and a very late goal by the very late nominee Emre Can remained for many hard-drinking Scottish fans Finally, a so-called consolation goal was celebrated in Munich, which was not scored by a Scot, but by Antonio Rüdiger. (Andreas Ruttenauer)

A detailed game analysis read here.

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