Star Wars: Escape From Valo Leans Into One Of The Franchise’s Original Inspirations

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One of the reasons the Jedi are so intensely helpless against the Nihil has to do with the mysterious creatures dubbed “The Nameless.” These monsters feed on the life force of those who wield the Force like the Jedi, turning them into ashen husks. Those that survive are paralyzed by fear and unable to tap into the Force. One such Youngling in the book encountered a Nameless during the attack on Valo and it left them so scarred that they couldn’t tap into the Force for a full year, unable to quiet their mind.

“Escape From Valo,” although not inherently vital to the continuing story of the High Republic, does advance our understanding of the Nameless and the precarious position the Nihil are in. They come to Valo in search of a medical treatment that will help them grow more Nihil. Other attempts to breed the creatures for their continuing war have been met with failure, but this treatment — which can be found at the bottom of a lake on Valo — is the key.

While it remains to be seen how this whole chain of events plays out in future High Republic installments, it shows how clever the writers are here. The Nameless are a big issue and their existence around the time of the Skywalker Saga would break most people’s suspension of disbelief when it comes to the “Star Wars” universe. It would also make the work of the Inquisitorius a lot easier. But if there are medical advances and reasons (as presented in this book) that prevent the Nameless from being used later, that means the writers are planning for the future in careful ways.


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