Strong balance sheet: This part of the TSV 1860 team is (almost) ready for promotion

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Written By Maya Cantina

Munich – If only it were that easy, if you didn’t have to look at things holistically in life, you could quickly come to the conclusion: Sixty’s defense is almost ready for promotion – in complete contrast to the front parts of the team.

With 42 goals conceded, TSV 1860 had the third best defense in the league last season 2023/24: only champions SSV Ulm 1846 and Dynamo Dresden (40) conceded fewer goals, relegation climbers SSV Jahn Regensburg no less than sixty. Part two of AZ’s annual reports is about Sixty’s masonry.

Kaan Kurt: Grade 4

The young right back was at Sixty’s season opener against Waldhof Mannheim (2-0) and the MSV Duisburg (3:0) on the field and provided a strong defender. In his thirteen appearances it gradually became clear that the lively ex-Gladbach player had major physical problems against third division attackers, who were usually angular but also extremely fast.

Kilian Ludewig: Grade 3

Initially behind, workhorse Ludewig fought his way into Sixty’s starting line-up. Through courage, dedication and tireless running up and down the right wing, he achieved a decent certificate in 24 games (one assist). It is bitter that Sixty’s cuts are preventing the loan lion from having a future in Munich.

Michael Glück: Grade 2

If the next young lion is convincing, the Salzburg native had one of the most positive performances of the season. Good tackling on the ground and in the air, speed, technique, positional play – the man has a lot of what an above-average defender needs. “There were ups and downs, but I think I can be relatively satisfied with my season,” the 20-year-old told AZ about his 25 appearances. Conclusion: Will probably continue to play a good role if he is not bought away from the Lions.

With his contract extension in 1860, the captain continued in the same way as on the field. Often a tower of strength, who not only impresses with his skills but also with his presence on the field. He had some wobbles, but is and remains one of the strongest defenders in the third division.

Max Reinthaler: Grade 3

The winter new lion cut a good figure on his debut, he is impressive with his size and physique. The South Tyrol perhaps looks a bit too much like Verlaat and that is why a fast man next to him like Glück was sometimes a better solution. Was delayed by a knee injury. Thanks to his experience, he will certainly be able to use his skills in the future.

Tim Kloss: Grade 2

What a fairy tale for the young lion (19): Although he only made four joker appearances, he waited patiently for his chance and was denied 1. FC Saarbrücken – and defended confidently for 45 minutes. The icing on the cake: his header when he was outnumbered and made the final score 1-1. The future is his, although 1860 is unlikely to take too long before his contract, which expires in 2025, is extended if silverware’s free transfers finally come to an end.

Leroy Kwadwo: Grade 3

The actual central defender defended under former coach Maurizio Jacobacci, but especially because interim coach Frank Schmöller could also score points offensively, so strongly on the left that coach Argirios Giannikis kept him there. Very little will probably change. Ugly, however: his two red cards.

Fabian Greilinger: Grade 4

The identification lion also appeared 30 times on the left wing. The 23-year-old guarantees fighting spirit and passion, but still has room for improvement when it comes to defensive stability. Future still unclear.

Phillipp Steinhart: Grade 4

The veteran from 1860 hardly played in the 2023/24 season (13) and did not receive a new contract. His parting words: “I have learned a lot in all these years, experienced wonderful moments, but also gone through valleys.”

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