Thai BL Two Worlds Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: Phupha and Kram Come across Por

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Recently, the Thai BL Drama Two Worlds released episode 4 on Thursday, April 4, 2024, on iQIYI. It follows the story of Kram (Nat Natasitt Uareksit), who jumps into a sacred pond after learning that his lover, Phupha (Gun Thapanawat Kaewbumrung), was murdered. The two parallel worlds intertwine whenever the sacred pond’s water turns blue. After jumping, Kram gets transported to a world where Tai (Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan) is his lover. However, in this world, Kram had died years ago.

Episode 4 begins with Phupha paying his respects to Uncle Wiroj, who died while protecting the former from attackers the night before. Earlier, Phupha had discovered that Wiroj was his biological father. He says he cannot trust anyone at Khumfah as someone knows Phupha isn’t the President’s real son. He asks Wayu to drop his fiancée Run to Bangkok to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Tai and Kram take Phupha to Jao’s place to keep him out of the public eye. There, Kram tends to Phupha’s injuries. The pair’s closeness frustrates Tai as he rushes out. When Kram tries to stop him from leaving, Tai accidentally falls over him.

Elsewhere, Tai’s father, Por, shoots dead a person at a gambling place. Later, Por is informed by Piak that something is up with his son. Piak escorts Jao to meet the big boss, who wishes to interrogate him. Por then places a knife in Jao’s hand, demanding to know who his son is concealing from him.

Afterwards, Kram seeks out Tai and discovers him bathing in the pond. Kram acknowledges he understands the source of Tai’s frustration. He encourages Tai to confide in him if he no longer wishes to assist with Phupha. Tai apologizes to Kram for causing him distress and reassures him of his commitment. Kram assures Tai that he harbors no resentment towards him.

Two Worlds episode 4 recap: Tai saves Kram from his father Por

After three years of absence, Por approaches Tai with a new job offer. When Tai declines, Por resorts to threatening harm to Kram’s mother. Meanwhile, Phupha uncovers that Nopporn is an alias. Wayu reveals the truth: Nopporn’s true identity is Kram, who supposedly died three years earlier. Phupha suspects Kram is alive and manipulating him for vengeance against Por. In the midst of this, Por’s associate locates Phupha. Fortunately, Kram intervenes just in time, and the two flee together.

Phupha then confronts Kram, who tells the former he had reasons to lie about his name. Kram assures him that he will tell Phupha the truth when it is all over. When Kram holds Phupha’s hand, the latter sees visions of his time with Kram in the parallel world. Unfortunately, later, at the gas station, Phupha and Wayu are taken away by some men while Kram uses the restroom.

In Two Worlds episode 4, Kram tries to run away but ends up tripping in the forest. He then sees visions of this world’s Kram’s relationship with Tai. While he’s unconscious, Piak finds Kram. He takes Phupha, Wayu, and Kram to Por. The big boss questions Phupha about what Tai is doing for him. Phupha informs Por that he hired Tai to protect him after getting attacked.

However, Por refuses to let the three go so soon. He loads a bullet in the pistol and asks them to shoot themselves. However, if they make it alive, they can leave. When Phupha, Wayu, and Kram pass the shooting game, Por goes back on his word. Instead, he says that only two of them are allowed to leave.

Hence, Kram is then held captive by Por. On the other hand, Phupha feels guilty for leaving him behind. The next day, Tai gets there in time to save Kram. Coincidentally, Phupha and Wayu also show up. Later, Kram succumbs to despair, fearing Tai has vanished and Phupha has abandoned him. Nevertheless, the episode concludes with Tai embracing Kram while offering an apology.


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