“The Lion’s Den”: Lion battle over mask deal escalates

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The five lionesses and lions have probably never fought so fiercely over a deal. The battle for an investment in an online store for underwater products divides investors in the “Lion’s Den” (Monday, 8:15 p.m., VOX or on RTL+) into three camps. Ultimately, the duo “Tillmeyer” wins. A superfood deal also makes the lions enthusiastic. Two other founding ideas, however, come up empty-handed.

“You two sales and margin monsters”

The founding couple Alina (29) and Christian Hanauer (33) give the lions a holiday and ‘Star Wars’ feeling. With Khroom they have already built a very successful online shop for underwater products. Their latest hit: a full face snorkel mask. This solves a globally observed snorkeling problem that can lead to health problems: rebreathing air that has already been exhaled. The lions give up their initial reluctance when Alina and Christian present their convincing sales and profit figures. Carsten Maschmeyer (65) summarizes: “I knew from the start that I was out of here. I saw that and thought: not my thing at all. But then you two sales and margin monsters come along.”

“Okay, it’s quiet now!”

Together with Tillman Schulz (34), he spontaneously forms the investor duo ‘Tillmeyer’. Just like the rival duo ‘Dümmthaler’ consisting of Janna Ensthaler (40) and Ralf Dümmel (57), they are willing to invest 400,000 euros for ten percent of Khroom. Carsten Maschmeyer exuberantly paints a large heart on his crisp white shirt – a sign of his emotional bond with Khroom. When the two duos outdo each other with a list of their support options, Dagmar Wöhrl (70) loudly intervenes: “Well, now it’s quiet! I’m still here too.” She also offers her expertise and a possible deal. Plenty of choice for the two founders – or not? Before the show, both speculated on a bid from Carsten Maschmeyer and Tillman Schulz. The contract goes to “Tillmeyer”.

Leo combination for the power woman with the superfood

Will Anne become rich with her superfood? Anne Rich (32) from Dresden tackles her pitch in the Lion’s Den with great enthusiasm and a touch of nervousness. She came up with her business idea ‘Nature Pandan’ by cooking together with her Indonesian au pair Putri. Pandan herb, the “green vanilla of Asia”, plays an important role in Indonesian cuisine. Anne’s plan: She wants the superfood, which smells of nuts and vanilla and is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, known on the German market as powder and syrup. Anne offers 25 percent of the company’s shares for 50,000 euros. The lions are not familiar with Pandan. But Anne’s food creations can convince her. Nils Glagau (48) and Ralf Dümmel are especially looking forward to it. Both lions offer 50,000 euros for 30 percent in a combination package. Anne’s response: “It feels good. And I would like to close the deal with you.”

No deal for surgical robots

Surgeons sometimes stand at the operating table for hours, hunched over the patient. With their robot ‘Noac’, Sabrina Hellstern (40) and Claudia Sodha (59) want to provide assistance and make operations even more precise and safer. In the sensor-controlled robot, surgeons can sit standing and operate without getting tired. For their heart project “Noac” they gave up their job as a medical technician and, with the help of investors, invested three million euros in the development, sold their family car and took out a loan on the house. Will their enormous effort be rewarded? They offer a five percent stake in the company for an investment of one million euros. “You have probably reached the highest level of innovation that has ever been in the lion’s den,” says Carsten Maschmeyer. At the same time, he and Tijen Onaran (39) doubt the value of the company. The lionesses are also critical of the large number of co-founders and investors. Ultimately, the founders leave the lion’s den without an agreement.

Ralf Dümmel and the founder visit the sheikh of Dubai

In 2019, founder Sümmeyya Bach introduced her antiperspirant Soummé. Since childhood, she suffered from profuse sweating. Yet she ventured into the cave with this personal subject and won Ralf Dümmel as an investor. The results after five years are impressive: “We have managed to sell more than 800,000 copies and thus achieve a trade turnover of approximately 16 million euros,” says De Leeuw. To achieve their next goal, the market launch in the United Arab Emirates, they both had a very special date. They met Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, a member of Dubai’s ruling family. He already supports Sümmeyya and has also invested in her company. The fruits of the collaboration: Soummé is located in the world’s largest drugstore chain Watsons in Dubai.

“Most emotional rejection” for alarm bracelet deal

“Dear lions, let us raise our voices together and roar against all forms of violence.” With this emotional appeal to the lions, fashion designer Susana Gomez presents her product Laemon. This is a jewelry bracelet with an integrated loud and silent alarm that can be activated in an emergency. A major problem for women and others who want to move more safely, even at night. Lioness Tijen Onaran underlines this with her own experience: “A while ago I was in the English Garden in Munich and was hit by a man. I felt completely helpless.” The founder demands no less than 500,000 euros for ten percent of the company. It is not only the price of 299 euros per bracelet that strikes the lions negatively. They also criticize the company’s valuation as too high. After her four fellow lions drop out in a row, it ultimately comes down to Tijen Onaran: “You see the most emotional rejection because it hurts my heart, but I’m out,” said the lioness. This leaves the founder without a deal.

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