“Try and Avoid Connecting Crime with Migration. It’s Not Right” – Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Scolds Irishmen After Algerian Stabs Children in Dublin (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

Irish Prime Minister Varadkar, whose father is from Bombay, India, scolded Irishmen after an Algerian migrant stabbed 3 Irish children at a school in Dublin last week.

The left-wing media immediately covered for the attacker and hesitated to mention he was of Algerian descent.

500 people rioted in Dublin after the stabbing. 34 of the protestors were arrested.

The Irish people are fed up with dangerous migrants brought in by left-wing politicians.

Following the attack, five-time world champion MMA fighter and Irishman Conor McGregor weighed in on the stabbing of the innocent children, saying, “Ireland, we are at war.”

Conor McGregor is now under investigation for ‘online hate speech’ following his comments on the Algerian stabber.

Now the Irish Prime Minister is lecturing Irishmen for speaking out against the dangers of bringing sub-Saharan Africans and Middle Easterners (Muslims) to Ireland.

“I really would ask people to try and avoid connecting crime with migration. It’s not right,” Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said after the stabbing.

Varadkar also said a “few” migrants will commit “terrible crimes” just like some Irish people.

Some Irish people just have to die in the name of open borders Marxism, so says Varadkar.



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