“We’ve Got to Do This Immediately!” – Warhawk Nikki Haley Says US Should Strike and Kill Iranian Leaders Inside Their Country (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

Nikki Haley is on the warpath. Haley wants to blow up the mullahs in Iran like Soleimani. Take them out with a missile strike.

That ought to calm things down in the Middle East!

Brian Kilmeade: You’re saying now’s the time to hit Iran?

Nikki Haley: Now’s the time to hit their leaders. It’s different. Don’t go and bomb the country.

Brian Kilmeade: What about their infrastructure?

Nikki Haley: The infrastructure in Iraq and Syria. You start with that first. You do the sanctions and you take out a couple of their leaders. That’s the way…

Brian Kilmeade: In their country?

Nikki Haley: If they’re in their country, you do like Soleimani, when they left the country. You figure out where they are. Our special operations can do that. And then you take them out. That will send a message. We’ve got to do this immediately.


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