A video of racist shouting emerged outside the restaurant

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Berlin. One in the Video circulates on social networks, in which young people allegedly shout racist slogans in front of a bar on the North Sea island of Sylt, is received with great outrage. According to the newspaper ‘Bild’ The video was said to have been made at Pentecost in the “Pony” restaurant in Kampen. The city on the North Sea island represents wealth and is usually mainly visited by wealthy people. The restaurant distanced itself from guests on Friday evening and announced consequences. A press spokesperson for the Flensburg police confirmed to the Editorial Network Germany (RND) on Friday morning that the video was available and that a report had already been received.

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“A video of people celebrating on #Sylt is currently circulating on social media. This video is known to us and is being checked for criminal content,” the police wrote on the X platform on Friday morning. “We would like to thank you for the numerous tips that we have forwarded to the responsible authorities.”

Man gives Hitler salute

In the recording, which lasts just a few seconds and has gone viral on social media since Thursday, young men and women shout “Foreigners out” and “Germany to the Germans” to the tune of the party hit “L’amour Toujours.” ” by Gigi D’Agostino. A man seems to suggest a Hitler mustache with his fingers on his upper lip. The police also suspect that someone is giving the so-called Hitler salute. The owners of the restaurant say on Instagram that they are “deeply shocked” by the video: “We distance ourselves from any form of racism and discrimination.”

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The place justifies itself

“If we had known about the incident, we would of course have evicted the guests in question. There is no place for racism!!!”, the restaurant’s owners wrote on Instagram. Every guest, regardless of ethnicity, is very welcome.

Those affected would be banished from the house, it was said. In another post, the operators wrote that they had now received the names of “these Nazis.” “We will report this disgusting behavior and pursue all criminal justice options!!!”

Next to the restaurant there is an old American school bus as a bar

An old American school bus stands as a bar next to restaurant “Pony” on Strönwaistraat in the center of Kampen.

Minister of Integration: “This is not a stupid boy’s joke”

Schleswig-Holstein Integration Minister Aminata Touré (Greens) told the Editorial Network Germany (RND): “This is not a stupid boy joke, but the worst Nazi shouting from adults on an open stage. Disgusting and disgusting. They should be ashamed! Criminal investigation must now follow.”

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“The images of this party, where xenophobic slogans were shouted, disgust me,” Education Minister Karin Prien (CDU) told RND. The photos are “a sign of neglect of wealth”. Prien told RND: “There is no place for xenophobia in Schleswig-Holstein. I am happy that the bar where these videos were made wants to support the police in the investigation and deny the screamers access.”

Berlin SPD politician Sawsan Chebli wrote on Platform X on Friday evening: “Germany for the Germans. Foreigners out. Foreigners away.” Location: Sylt. And they feel so safe.” TV presenter Jan Böhmermann asked: “Who and where are these people?” And presenter Dunja Hayali tweeted: “With a Hitler mustache and sparkling, but without ‘foreigners’. #Sylt. 2024.”

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One of the young women involved in the shouting, wearing sunglasses in her hair and a white blouse, filmed the scene. The bystanders are singing and rocking out, with glasses of drinks in their hands. No one seems bothered by the shouting.


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