Alderman Blasts Chicago for Giving Illegals $9,000 in Free Stuff Every Month: ‘You Know What? I’d Come to Chicago too!’ (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

The people of Chicago are being mugged by reality.

Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale recently blasted the city for giving illegal immigrants $9,000 in freebies every month, between housing, meal vouchers, etc, saying that he would come to Chicago for that as well.

This is part of what causes the problem. By giving away these resources, the city is creating incentives for illegals to go there.

Breitbart News reports:

WATCH: Alderman Blasts Chicago for Paying Illegals More than $9,000 a Month in Freebies: ‘I’d Come to Chicago, Too’

Chicago’s 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale is fed up with City Hall handing out freebies to illegal aliens and says that the large amount of welfare border crossers are allotted is serving as an advertisement for even more to come here.

During a recent address made on the floor of the Chicago city council, Beale said that illegals are being paid more than $9,000 a month in free childcare, housing vouchers, food, clothing, education, legal help, and other services.

“Now, I’ve said this before. If you give me 3 meals, housing, childcare, education, a voucher for $9,000. You know what? I’d come to Chicago too,” he said during a floor debate.

“And that’s what they’re doing. They’re telling people and they’re sending money back to Chicago — I mean, back to Venezuela — to come to Chicago because they’re saying, hey, the good times are rolling there. They’re taking care of everybody,” he continued.

Here’s the video:

Imagine being a poor or even homeless veteran in Chicago and seeing the way they spend on illegals. It’s an outrage.


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