Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Ep 19 Recap & Spoilers: Why Is Leo Wu Troubled?

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The ongoing romantic C-drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love released episode 19 on February 12, 2024. The drama features popular actors Zhao Jinmai and Leo Wu in the main roles. The original broadcasting networks of the drama are Dragon TV and Tencent Video. It tells the story of Lin Yiyeng (Leo Wu), a former professional snooker player, and Yin Guo (Zhao Jinmai), a professional nine-ball player. The duo meets for the first time during a blizzard, and shy and introverted Yiyeng falls in love with Yin Guo at first sight. As they form a bond, they become each other’s motivation.

In episode 19 of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love, Jiang Yang (Chen Jing Ke) asks Yiyeng to visit Mr. He. Yiyeng replies that Mr. He is already sick and talking to him might make it worse. He has prepared a special custom-made nine-ball table for Yin Guo. He has been trying to contact her since their fight, but she is not responding. Jiang Yang can sense the tension and asks Yiyeng not to worry too much. He tries to comfort him by saying that it is healthy to have fights in a relationship.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Ep 19: Misunderstanding arises between Leo Wu and Zhao Jinmai

Meanwhile, Yin Guo is also disturbed. She is tossing and turning on her bed. She is waiting for Yiyeng to swallow his pride and apologize first. On the other hand, Yiyeng is also confused and does not know how to approach her. Yang advises him to visit her the next morning with some breakfast.

In episode 19 of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love, Yin Guo is preparing to leave for her training session the next morning. Right when her car leaves, Yiyeng’s cab arrives at her house. Yin Guo is still thinking about the fight and is feeling down. She sees Yiyeng’s text and finally calls back. She tells him that since she was mad at him, she left home in a hurry. Yin Guo tells him that she is on her way to practice and they can meet up later. From his tone, she can sense that Yiyeng is disappointed.

Yin Guo feels terrible and decides to visit Yiyeng. She tells him that being mad at him will affect her competition. The couple finally makes up and shares some intimate moments. Yiyeng finally discloses why he was mad at her. It is because earlier, he saw her getting close to her ex-boyfriend. She tells him that he has nothing to worry about and Li Qingyan (Wang Runze) is just an old friend.

Yiyeng opens up about his dreams and aspirations. He tells Yin Guo that he went abroad to study so that he could broaden his horizons. But deep down, he has always wanted to play snooker professionally and compete. On their way back to Bei City, Yin Guo also opens up about her family. Meanwhile, Lin Lin (Ding Xiao Ying) bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Meng Xiaodong (Wang Xingyue).

Viewers can watch Amidst a Snowstorm of Love on Tencent Video and WeTV.


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