Arnold Schwarzenegger Whipped Jake From State Farm Into Shape For Super Bowl 2024

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has one of the greatest Hollywood stories of all time. He’s a man who went from driving tanks in the Austrian army to becoming Mr. Olympia, the most famous bodybuilder in history, a bonafide Hollywood icon, and the governor of California.

Still, despite his large, Jack Reacher-sized build, Schwarzenegger has always had a big sense of humor. He’s starred in some major hit comedies (and some terrible ones, too), paving the formula that all athletes-turned-actors follow to this day. Still, he never lost his sense of competition, which included having a rivalry with Sylvester Stallone that resulted in plenty of costly pranks, and also a spirit of competition behind the scenes of the first “Predator” — one that infected Schwarzenegger’s co-stars, including the late, great Carl Weathers.

The 76-year-old hasn’t forgotten his body-building roots either and constantly shares his training routine on social media. Now, he’s even seemingly taken everyone’s favorite neighbor, Jake from State Farm, under his wing.


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