Best P.A. Works Anime: Buddy Daddies, Shirobako & More

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P.A. Works is a well-known name in the anime industry for its contributions to the slice-of-life, supernatural, and comedy genres. It is still a relatively young company compared to Toei Animation and MadHouse. Despite the team of experts leading the studio, it was not until 2008 that the company released its first title.

P.A. Works has been committed to releasing quality anime every year. The animation quality and immaculate narratives of their shows are among the reasons the studio has found great success within a short span of time. This list looks at some of the best anime shows P.A. Works has ever produced.


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Shirobako is a popular slice-of-life comedy, with a career-focused theme that gives fans much to think about. The anime follows Aoi Miyamori and her four best friends, who do their best to survive adulthood while keeping their dreams of making mainstream anime alive. Aoi and Emma step into the anime industry, while the other three continue to persevere. In short, Shirobako is an excellent series about never giving up and the importance of friendship.

Skip and Loafer

This is one of the new anime shows produced by P.A. Works. The story follows the life of Iwakura, a girl who leaves her town to attend a high school in Japan. However, on the day of her school, she gets caught in the rush of traffic and gets lost. She then meets Mitsumi, who then offers to take her to school every day. The story follows Iwakura’s journey to make precious memories and long-lasting relationships with her classmates.

Ya-Boy Kongming

Best P.A. Works Anime
Kongming and Eiko (Photo Credit: P.A. Works)

Ya-Boy Kongming is one of the newer names on the list. It took the world by storm in the summer of 2022 with its cast of funny characters. The story follows brilliant strategist Kongming, who is reborn into the modern era following his wish on his deathbed. He meets aspiring musician Eiko and falls in love with her music. Kongming vows to make the world recognize her talent, even if he must use his strategies from the previous era. The anime boasts stunning visuals and is a must-watch for anime fans.

Angel Beats

Yuzuru Otonashi (Photo Credit: P.A. Works)

Angel Beats is one of the most wonderful anime shows by P.A. Works. The story revolves around Yuzuru Otonashi, an amnesiac who ends up in the Afterlife. Upon arriving, he is approached by Yuri Nakamura to join the Afterlife Battlefront. They plan to rebel against God and fight Angel, the supernaturally powered student council president who is supposedly God’s associate. Angel Beats is the perfect blend of unpredictable elements and wacky characters in a fine storyline.

Buddy Daddies

Buddy Daddies is one of the best shows on the P.A. Works roster. The series follows Kazuki and Rei, two assassins trying to make a living. On one of their missions, after killing their target, they end up with his daughter, Miri. With no prior babysitting knowledge, the two must raise their new daughter while keeping her a secret. Buddy Daddies gained popularity for exploring the themes of love, family, personal growth, and acceptance. In fact, it recently won the Best Original Anime award at the Crunchyroll 2024 awards.


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