BMW sales stagnate, electric cars grow more slowly

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Bee BMW Sales are stagnating. In the first half of the year, the company sold 1.2 million cars, it announced today. That was 0.1 percent less than a year ago. The core brand BMW performed slightly better with 1.1 million cars and a growth of 2.3 percent, while the subsidiaries Mini and Rolls-Royce weakened with declines of 18.7 percent to 114,000 cars and 11.4 percent to 2,819. At Mini, continuous model changes were noticeable.

At first glance, things were going much better in terms of purity Electric carswhere group sales rose by almost a quarter to over 190,000. For the core brand BMW, it was even a respectable third. However, growth is considerably weaker than in the previous year as a whole. In 2023, BMW reported growth of almost three quarters in purely electric vehicles.

If we look at the different parts of the world, there are no major deviations. Sales in Germany and Asia including China fell slightly, but rose slightly in Europe and the US.

Sales Director Jochen Goller nevertheless assessed the development “in a challenging market environment” as positive: “In the first six months of the year, we managed to achieve double-digit growth with fully electric vehicles and models from the upper premium segment.”

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