Chicago Voters Reject New Tax Hike – Mayor Brandon Johnson Blames City’s Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

The city of Chicago just tried and failed to raise taxes. The city claimed it wanted the extra revenue to address the growing homeless problem.

Voters in the famously blue city rejected the idea resoundingly in a vote.

Mayor Brandon Johnson tried to blame the failure on the city’s Trump supporters. Would these be the same Trump supporters who attacked Jussie Smollett?

FOX News reports:

Chicago Mayor Johnson suggests Trump voters to blame for failure of city’s tax hike referendum

Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson appeared to blame Trump voters in his reaction to a failed referendum he supported.

On Tuesday, Chicago residents struck down the “Bring Chicago Home” referendum that promised $100 million in new tax revenue to combat the homeless crisis in the city by hiking the tax on heftier real estate purchases. Voters rejected the tax proposal by over a 7-point margin, representing a difference of more than 22,000 voters, according to the latest votes counted.

During Wednesday’s post-election press conference, Johnson cited the “38,000” Chicago residents who had voted for former President Trump, saying there’s a “good chance” they were behind the referendum’s failure.

“It’s also not lost on me, I think there were 38,000 Republicans that showed up and voted for Donald Trump, or something like that, in Chicago,” Johnson said. “If we’re trying to draw some conclusions, and you all want some other, you know, analytics you might want to discover, that might be something to look into because there’s— I’ll just say there’s a good chance that that played a part in this referendum.

See the video below:

Who does he think he’s fooling?

Maybe the people of Chicago are finally waking up to what progressives have done to their city.


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