Chiefs WR Was Suspected To Be Racing In Crash

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Written By Maya Cantina

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The Kansas City Chiefs are all over the news again, but not for the best reasons.

Second-year WR Rashee Rice is reportedly a suspect in a multi-car crash in Dallas.

According to a report by Kelli Smith of the Dallas Morning News, he fled the scene.

Dallas police spokeswoman Kristin Lowman reportedly stated that a preliminary investigation determined that a driver in a Lamborghini and a driver in a Chevrolet Corvette were speeding in the far left lane.

They were near University Boulevard in northeast Dallas when both lost control of their cars.

Per Lowman, the Lamborghini drifted onto the shoulder and ‘hit the center median wall, causing a chain reaction collision involving four other vehicles.’

Apparently, the occupants of both vehicles fled the scene without stopping to provide their personal information or see if anybody needed medical attention.

The report adds that two drivers were treated at the site for minor injuries, with two other people being taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The spokeswoman added that the police are working around the clock to try to identify the drivers.

Details Emerge About Accident Linked To Chiefs WR




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