Cool Stuff: Anime Fans Will Love Vinland Saga Deluxe Manga Editions

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Based on released photos, the covers of Volumes 1 and 2 are colored red, and Volumes 3 and 4 are colored black. Each one has a circular insignia lined with Viking runes and the head of an animal (Volume 1 is a snake, Volume 2 is a bear, Volume 3 is a lion, and Volume 4 is a stag). Similar runes line the top and bottom of the covers.

Other features included in these Deluxe editions include:

  • Exclusive in-color art previously not published in English.

  • Insights from Yukimura about pivotal scenes.

  • Endpapers depicting an in-color map of the setting.

  • Concept art of the series.

As for previous printings; in Japan, the series has currently been published across 27 volumes (with more on the way as the series continues). In the U.S., Kodansha has instead published the series in 13 hardcovers, two volumes per book (meaning the English Book One has the Japanese Volumes 1-2, English Book Two has Japanese Volumes 3-4, etc.). The original “Vinland Saga” printings are currently available for purchase at digital retailers, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $22.99 depending on the volume.

“Vinland Saga Deluxe” will have three volumes per book; Volume 1 comes in at 688 pages per the Kodansha website (you can read Chapter 1 as a digital preview here).

This Deluxe printing (from the 3-in-1 printing to the faux-leather covers) is similar to editions of other manga published by Dark Horse Comics, such as “Berserk”, “Hellsing”, and their upcoming re-release of “Trigun” this April.

If you’re an anime/manga fan, be thankful that Kodansha has followed in Dark Horse’s footsteps with “Vinland Saga Deluxe.”


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