“Crunched Over Old B*tch – Dumba$$” ” – Blacks in Chicago Trash Joe Biden (Video)

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Written By Maya Cantina

Quenton Jordan, vice president of Black Conservative Federation, spent the weekend intverviewing blacks in Chicago’s southside on their pick for US President. It wasn’t even close.

The results were similar to what Cara Castronuova discovered in the Bronx recently. Blacks are rejecting Joe Biden and his devastating economic policies and money funneling to Ukraine and foreign nations.

Here are a few of the responses.

“Trump was better for the country. Biden ain’t doing sh*t!”

‘We’re going to get rid of his sleepy a$$. F**k him!”

“Trump. He’s a businessman. He’s going to think business. And Biden is a racist.”

“Trump 2024!”

“Migrants come over here and everything. We’ve been here all this time and can’t get a free hamburger. And they come here and get all this sh*t.”

“Biden has everything f*cked up.”

‘Trump. No wars. Best policies.”

“Biden, his old a$$, he’s just crunched over old b*tch.”

There is definitely a sea change coming.

Via Midnight Rider.


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