Daniel Cheung’s Filecoin (FIL) Tweet Mystifies Community, Here’s Reason

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Written By Maya Cantina

Sat, 30/03/2024 – 14:53

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Daniel Cheung, co-founder of Syncracy Capital, says a bullish run is just around the corner for Filecoin (FIL). Cheung describes FIL as a “sleeping giant” poised to awaken during this cycle.


Significance of Banyan & Basin launch

The Syncracy Capital co-founder took to X to express his bullish sentiment on Filecoin. He gave three key reasons for his optimism and shared the same with members of the crypto community. These include the potential launch of Banyan & Basin, other key primitive launches and being versatile beyond being a storage protocol.

Cheung maintains that the imminent launch of Banyan & Basin is a significant milestone that could signal a turning point for Filecoin, paving the way for a broader enterprise adoption. His prediction is similar to the one made by crypto expert Ali Martinez, who spotted a bullish trend in the Filecoin price chart back in late February.

Martinez had advised investors to keep an eye on a key resistance point at $8.50 then, with the price of Filecoin already surpassing $9 at the moment.

Besides that, Cheung also anticipates that many other key primitives will be launched and this will serve as a catalyst for the growth of Filecoin beyond its storage-focused origin. Cheung predicts that this will expand into areas such as retrieval and compute functionalities.

Filecoin’s versatility is beyond storage

According to Cheung, Filecoin’s potential extends far beyond being a mere storage protocol. He asserts that it represents a thriving ecosystem with the capacity to become one of the cornerstone blockchains in Web3.0. Interestingly, Filecoin’s market price dynamics have remained in a solid position with predictions showing a potential 29.98% increase.

Cheung anticipates that the upcoming developments within the Filecoin ecosystem will solidify its position as a critical player in the decentralized internet infrastructure. Beginning from the end of February, the value of Filecoin has gained over 107%, indicating an upsurge in market sentiment.

As Filecoin continues to expand its capabilities, investors and enthusiasts alike eagerly watch to see how it will fare among competitors and if Daniel Cheung’s bullish sentiments of an incoming summer for Filecoin will play out.


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