Dodgers Insider Highlights Potential Fielding Plan With Mookie Betts

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Written By Maya Cantina

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have stated their intention to make Mookie Betts their starting shortstop.

The primary reason of this move was to better accommodate Gavin Lux and Jason Heyward, among others.

Betts is a unique athletic specimen with the skillset to excel in the infield and the outfield, something that is very rare.

That doesn’t mean that manager Dave Roberts won’t mix and match depending on the game situation, inning, opposing team, and score, though.

In fact, Betts will slide over to the keystone on occasion to accommodate a better fielder, in this case Miguel Rojas.

“Mookie Betts is sliding over to second base – safe to assume the Dodgers will make some defensive switches late in games to get Miguel Rojas’ glove in at short,” Dodgers insider Fabian Ardaya tweeted on Opening Day.

Skippers want their best possible defensive alignment late in games.

This is done to put the team in a better position to avoid runs, even if it means sacrificing a bit of offense late.

Betts is a competent shortstop, but Rojas is a defensive specialist and there is nothing wrong with making that arrangement a common theme.

It’s not a knock on Betts, who is a solid middle infielder and a Gold Glover in the outfield.

If there is a team in MLB willing to do even the smallest things to increase their odds of winning, it’s the Dodgers.

It’s also a smart move and an excellent use of resources by one of the most resourceful squads in baseball.

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