EA Skate Mobile Cross-Play and Progression Leaked

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EA Skate cross-play and cross-progression between PC and mobile platforms has been leaked. Invites for the EA Skate mobile playtest were sent out to players earlier today and it took just a short amount of time for playtesters to break their NDA. Console cross-play and progression is expected to be included when the game launches as well.

PC progress is carried over to iOS during the playtest

In an email sent out to playtesters, EA confirmed that any progress players had already made on PC would be carried over to iOS if they chose to take part in the playtest on the new platform. Those who have yet to reach level 6 on PC will be “magically upgraded” when they log into iOS and progress will then carry on from there on both platforms.

Multiple players have stated on Reddit that PC and mobile players can play in the same lobby, although this hasn’t been confirmed by EA. When the game is fully released, it will be arriving on PC, consoles, and mobile. It is hoped that cross-play will be available for all platforms.

The iOS version uses touch controls based on the game’s trademark “flick-it” system. According to a leaked image, the device is held horizontally and the left side of the screen is used to control movement while the right side is used for tricks and grabs. There are also tap buttons for getting on and off the board, as well as the menu and apps.

The iOS session will run until March 4, while the latest PC session will continue until March 19. Until now, EA Skate playtests had been restricted to PC only, although the surprise release of the iOS version is the first step in bringing the game to other platforms. The tests are supposed to be coming to consoles at a later date.


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