Elon Musk Excites Crypto Community with “Unhinged” AI Tweet

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Written By Maya Cantina


  • Musk promises “unhinged news mode” for Grok
  • Musk makes “Cardano move” and trolls Disney CEO on April Fool’s


Centibillionaire, Tesla boss and owner of the X social media giant Elon Musk has made a major announcement that got the cryptocurrency community excited.

Musk’s tweet was related to a major update coming for one of his most recent products – AI chatbot Grok.

Musk promises “unhinged news mode” for Grok

The X boss made a retweet of a Twitter/X user who calls himself “DogeDesigner.” This user often shares first-hand updates about DOGE and X, which strongly suggests that he is a member of both of these teams.

The “DogeDesigner” user’s tweet announced that there is now a new mode available for Grok users. It will summarize all the trending news and hot topics for them. The screenshot shows a window called “regular mode.”

Musk, though, humorosly retweeted that, calling it an “unhinged mode” for news “coming soon.” Aside from that, Elon recently teased the Grok 1.5 iteration coming soon. It is soon to be followed by Grok 2, according to Musk and it will “exceed current AI on all metrics.”

Musk makes “Cardano move” and trolls Disney CEO on April Fool’s

On April Fool’s day, the X boss published a tweet, stating that he took the position of the chief DEI officer at Disney and looked forward to working with Bob Iger (Disney CEO) and Kathleen Kennedy (LucasFilm boss) on making their content even “more woke.”

Last year, Musk had a conflict with Disney when it and several other major advertisers withdrew their advert campaigns from X because Musk publicly criticized them for being woke. Earlier, he referred to OpenAI and its ChatGPT AI bot in the same way because the bot avoids discussing sensitive topics, such as sex, genders, religion and politics with its users.

Musk stated that he will not have Disney or anyone else blackmailing him with advertising/money and told them where to take a long walk off a short pier during a big CNBC interview. The aforementioned tweet of Musk excited the crypto community, triggering a lot of comments supporting his position.

Another curious thing is that on April 1, a major Cardano account shared a screenshot to show that Elon Musk had started following it. The user welcomed Elon Musk to the Cardano space in his tweet. However, some comments suggested that it was likely an April Fool’s prank.


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