Fans React To Today’s Oakland A’s News

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The Oakland Athletics will officially move out of town after the 2024 season.

The team has been in Oakland since the 1968 season, and won four World Series in the process.

Unfortunately, their owner, John Fisher, is eager to relocate because he doesn’t see enough profit in staying in Oakland.

The plan was to move to Las Vegas by 2027.

Now, it could be 2028 or 2029, but the move is happening.

Since the team’s lease to play in the Oakland Coliseum ends after 2024, the organization will now play at least three seasons (with an option for a fourth, in 2028) in Sacramento.

MLB insider Jeff Passan said that they will use Sutter Health Park, a stadium with 10,000 seats and the potential to take it to 14,000, from 2025 to 2027.

Fans have obviously reacted to the news on social media.

The overall sentiment was not surprising at all: most comments said that A’s fans don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Others have said that other owners are also to blame for their lack of action and the fact they approved the A’s relocation.

There were a couple of comments implying and saying that the A’s won’t fill the Sacramento stadium.

To sum up, virtually nobody sympathizes with the current A’s ownership.

It’s clear that, even if they get their way and end up being in Las Vegas long-term, fans outside of that city won’t ever forget Fisher and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for allowing the team to relocate and leave Oakland.

It just seems that they didn’t care about decades of history.

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