Flickers Season 1 Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Amazon Prime Video

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Flickers Season 1 is a comedy-drama series directed by Cyril Coke and written by Roy Clarke. The series follows Arnie Cole, a pioneering filmmaker who embarks on a quest to secure investors in the growing silent film industry. However, he quickly learns that transforming his dreams into reality and building a successful business in the realm of make-believe is far more challenging. 

Here’s how you can watch and stream Flickers Season 1 via streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.

Is Flickers Season 1 available to watch via streaming?

Yes, Flickers Season 1 is available to watch via streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The series follows Arnie, a Cockney rogue determined to build in the emerging silent film industry. In his quest for success, he seeks out potential investors and eventually crosses paths with Maud, a hypercritical middle-class woman who sees potential in his ambition. Together, they navigate the challenges of the silent movie business, dreaming of establishing their own production company.

The cast members of Flickers include Bob Hoskins as Arnie Cole, Frances de la Tour as Maud, Fraser Cains as Llewellyn, Philip Madoc as Jack Brewer, Sheila Reid as Lily Brewer, and more.

Watch Flickers Season 1 streaming via Amazon Prime Video

Flickers Season 1 is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. It is one of the leading streaming services that provide viewers access to an extensive library featuring thousands of television shows and movies.

You can watch via Amazon Prime Video by following these steps:

  1. Go to Amazon Prime Video
  2. Select ‘Sign in’ and ‘Create your Amazon account’
  3. Sign up for a Prime Video membership:
    • $8.99 per month for a standalone Prime Video membership

Amazon Prime is the online retailer’s paid service that provides fast shipping and exclusive sales on products, so the membership that includes both this service and Prime Video is the company’s most popular offering. However, you can also opt to subscribe to Prime Video separately.

The Flickers synopsis is as follows:

“Arnie Cole (Hoskins) and his wife Maud (de la Tour) are an odd couple, having entered into the state of matrimony for purely practical reasons. However, their marriage of convenience gives way to genuine partnership as Maud becomes caught up in Arnie’s ambitions to start his own film production company.”

NOTE: The streaming services listed above are subject to change. The information provided was correct at the time of writing.

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