Former Google Employee Sentenced to 14 Months in Prison for Threatening to Kill Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

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Written By Maya Cantina

A former programmer for Google from Florida has been sentenced to 14 months in prison for threatening U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

Neal Brij Sidhwaney has been in custody since he was caught making a threatening phone call to Roberts and pleaded guilty in December.

A psychological evaluation determined that the man has some serious mental issues but he was found competent to stand trial.

Reuters reports:

Man gets 14 months in prison for threat to U.S. Supreme Court’s Roberts

A Florida man has been sentenced to 14 months in prison for calling the U.S. Supreme Court and threatening to kill Chief Justice John Roberts in a profanity-laced voicemail.

Neal Brij Sidhwaney, 43, was sentenced on Monday by U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales in Jacksonville, Florida, after pleading guilty in December to transmitting an interstate threat to kill.

He has been in custody since his arrest on Aug. 18, about two weeks after he placed a call to the Supreme Court on July 21 and left a threatening voice mail for Roberts saying, among other things, “I will f—— kill you,” prosecutors said…

That evaluation, which was posted online by Politico before it was sealed, showed a psychologist concluded Sidhwaney was competent to stand trial even though he suffered from “delusional disorder with psychosis.”

The psychologist said Sidhwaney’s functioning improved with medication, but that the former Google programmer maintained a “paranoid belief system.” His mother reported he “becomes enraged watching the news,” triggering him to write letters and emails or make phone calls.

Some people just can’t handle watching the news. If they’re prone to rage, it only makes them worse.

Authorities will probably be keeping a close eye on this guy for years to come.


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