Former Player Says We Should ‘Expect More’ From NBA West Team

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Written By Maya Cantina

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On Tuesday’s episode of “First Take,” former NBA player Tim Legler was asked if fans should expect more out of the Phoenix Suns.

Legler’s response was short and clear: “Hell yes.”

“At minimum, they should be considered a legitimate title contender. Nobody is talking about the Phoenix Suns in that vein,” Legler said.

The Suns are currently the seventh seed in the West with a 44-31 record and they had a strong win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night, which is a very good sign.

However, the expectations for the Suns have been sky-high all season long.

Last year, they acquired Kevin Durant in a blockbuster trade, which was seen as a move to get them far in the postseason.

Then they made even more changes in the summer, adding a new coach in Frank Vogel, and Bradley Beal, to complete the team’s big three featuring him, Durant, and Devin Booker.

At that point, many people agreed that the team had to go far in the playoffs or they would be considered a disappointment.

Anything short of true postseason greatness would be deemed a missed opportunity.

The Suns haven’t had a great 2023-24, although much of that is due to injuries that have continually popped up.

But Legler said that the coaching staff has never been able to make the combination of Durant, Booker, and Beal work.

Additionally, there have been games when they have seemed lackluster and not committed to winning.

All of this has created a lot of questions among fans, who are worried that this team, as great as it looks on paper, might not achieve what it set out to do.

What happens if the Suns fall short?

They have invested a lot of energy and money into the lineup they have now but there will be some serious concerns if they don’t go far.

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