Founder Reveals How Wild It Is To Hear ‘That’s A Wrap On Tom (Cruise)’ When Mission: Impossible Is Filming In Your Studio

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Written By Maya Cantina

Running a studio where movies and TV are filmed is going to always bring in a lot of celebrity names. However, fewer celebrities are bigger names than Tom Cruise, so getting both him and a Mission: Impossible movie to film at your studio, had to feel pretty good for Christian Cashmit of Litewave Media. But what made it even more wild wasn’t an amazing Tom Cruise stunt sequence, but the fact that this was where Mission Impossible 7 ended for Tom Cruise.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning was a film shoot that lasted for years due to pandemic delays. That was followed by the incredibly slow process of filming a movie all over the world during a pandemic, so being the place where it all ended for Tom Cruise is almost historic. Cashmir tells Spectrum News the experience was “surreal,” saying… 

They wrapped out filming right here in our studio. Which was kind of surreal hearing the crew go ‘Alright, that’s a wrap on Tom. That’s a wrap on Mission Impossible 7.’ Everybody clapped and were kind of looking at each other like ‘Oh, that’s cool.’

The most recent Mission: Impossible movie was filmed all over the world, but we knew that the production ended its time in Florida. Director Christopher McQuarrie has said that some of Dead Reckoning was filmed in Cruise’s garage to get some last-minute shots. That garage was in Florida, and based on what Cashmir says, it sounds like the studio may have been chosen because of its proximity to Cruise, making the last bit of filming that much easier. He continued… 

Apparently, Tom Cruise spends some time in the area. It might have been a convenient place for him to film. The scene that they filmed here in our studio was one of the first scenes that Tom Cruise is in. He’s at a table and he’s looking through a bunch of documents.

The set for the scene had to be shipped from the U.K. to Florida to recreate it properly, which was likely still cheaper than sending Cruise and Co. back to the UK to film whatever needed to be filmed. It sounds like these were all reshoots picking up bits and pieces that McQuarrie discovered were missing during the editing process.

What location will have the honor of being the wrap location for Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible 8 cast, we certainly don’t know yet. The sequel is still in production, and the next Mission: Impossible movie release date has been pushed back yet again. When Tom Cruise does wrap Mission: Impossible 8, it might be an even more historic moment, as it’s possible this could be the end of the Mission: Impossible franchise, at least for Cruise. 


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