Texas Sheriff Jim Skinner Plays Video of Dallas Area Deputy in a Shoot Out with Cartel Driver Near Dallas – SHOCKING FOOTAGE

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Written By Maya Cantina

Texas deputy gets in shootout with cartel driver near Dallas. The deputy was hit three times. The driver was killed.

Via Ben Bergquam at RAV…

Sheriff Jim Skinner from Collin County, Texas, played video of a cartel driver caught in a shootout with a Texas Sheriff’s deputy. This was shocking video.

Sheriff Jim Skinner is a 32-year law-enforcement veteran who serves as the Collin County Sheriff in the northeast quadrant of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Sheriff Jim Skinner: What we have seen lately. Well, not lately. This has been going on now for hard for the past 18 months. But the level of violence that we’re encountering with the cartel operatives, the cartel soldiers, is ever increasing… Typically, we seize about $200,000 in cash a week. That’s southbound, along with guns and ammunition northbound. I can’t even begin to tell you, but tons of drugs…

…As the deputy approached the car the second time, after reloading and approached the window, this guy raised the pistol up at the deputy. So there was just no way he was going to surrender. And we see this more and more. And now on all these load vehicles that we’re stopping, we never, ever are stopping anybody that’s not on it.

And a new M.O. that we’re seeing, of course, I don’t know about everybody else, but the load vehicles now are these high performance cars. And they’re not putting them in traps anymore. They’re just putting it in Delta. Back on the back seat, they get lit, and they just run.

Ben Bergquam adds — It’s not just an invasion, this is a cartel insurgency being brought to you by the open border Democrats. Any Republican that votes with the Democrats to allow this to continue one more day it needs to be removed from office. Defund the NGO and prosecute the politicians that are behind this invasion/insurgency!

Via Ben Bergquam.


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