Good Will Dunkin: Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Reunite For A 2024 Super Bowl Commercial

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In this commercial, Affleck decides to crash his wife Jennifer Lopez’s recording studio, carrying on from the previous one where she found him working at Dunkin. To get back at her, Affleck has formed a hip-hop group, the DunKings. The group wears matching orange and pink tracksuits with Dunkin branding. It also includes another Boston celebrity, former New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, musician Jack Harlow, and an understandably unenthused Damon (“Sometimes it’s really hard to be your friend”).

Affleck goes all out on the goofiness, knocking his accent up a notch too to “Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd levels” and makes unforgettable expressions and dance moves. The DunKings’ debut performance ends with Damon paraphrasing “Good Will Hunting” — “How do you like them… donuts (I’m so sorry).”

The DunKings are ejected from the studio (minus Brady). As Affleck and Damon walk off, the former assures his embarrassed friend they’re getting a drink named after them. One wonders if it will be a hit like the Dunkaccino.


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