Insider Names Sleeper NFL Team That Could Move Back In Draft

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Written By Maya Cantina

With so many quarterbacks flying up the mock draft boards, fans are wondering when we’re going to get a big trade, which is starting to feel inevitable due to this QB market.

Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy is the prospect who is crashing the party as the fourth QB slated to go off the board early, and unless that’s a smokescreen, someone might be moving down.

Bleacher Report’s Jordan Schultz reported on The Pat McAfee Show that several teams have told him the Arizona Cardinals at No. 4 are the prime candidate to make a trade down.

Chicago, Washington, and New England have the top three picks and all clearly need a quarterback, but with McCarthy throwing his hat in the ring, the Cardinals moving down makes a lot of sense if they aren’t married to anybody at No. 4.

Teams outside the top five who would be prime candidates to move up to No. 4 would be the Giants at No. 6, the Vikings at 11, the Broncos at 12, and the Raiders at 13.

Two teams stick out there, with the Vikings having the most obvious ammo to move up since they also have the 23rd pick, and the Giants who would only have to go up two spots and might be desperate to move on from Daniel Jones’ disastrous contract.

The Giants would also make the most sense for the Cardinals because if the top four picks are quarterbacks, that leaves a pair of superstar wide receiver prospects in Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. and LSU’s Malik Nabers as the possible fifth and sixth picks.

If Arizona isn’t married to Harrison, they could still land either him or Nabers by trading down two spots.

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