, Allora Teamed up to Make AI Development Safer

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  • Decentralized GPU network teams up with Allora: Details
  • Addressing increased demand in AI infrastructure


A new partnership represents a major milestone for Web3 in providing secure, efficient and scalable AI model development and deployment solutions.

Decentralized GPU network teams up with Allora: Details

Decentralized GPU network announces the start of a strategic alliance with Allora, a self-improving decentralized AI network. By leveraging Allora’s decentralized AI network, enhances the computational efficiency and model accuracy of their AI/ML development processes.’s track record includes supporting the training, fine-tuning and inference of over 1,000 ML models, resulting in an up to 90% cost reduction for its users compared to traditional cloud services.

With nearly 200,000 GPUs providing computing power to its network, changes the narrative in streamlined and democratized access to AI development tools and computational resources.

Ahmad Shadid, CEO of, highlights the importance of the collaboration for his product’s marketing and tech development tracks:

This partnership represents a pivotal moment for us. Blending the best of decentralized compute and AI technologies to unlock new possibilities for developers and enterprises alike.

As covered by U.Today previously, in February 2024, teamed up with innovative AI platform Ritual.

Addressing increased demand in AI infrastructure

The partnership between Allora and is built on a strong foundation of complementary technologies and shared vision. Thanks to Allora, can now enhance the security and privacy of AI/ML computations while maintaining high efficiency, tapping into a self-improving network of ML models for optimized outcomes. 

Nick Emmons, CEO of the Upshot team behind the creation of Allora, highlights the paramount importance of joint initiatives for AI in the crypto sphere:

The growing demand for computational needs for AI in the crypto space highlights the importance of our partnership. Combining’s decentralized compute capabilities with Allora’s self-improving network broadens both access and capabilities for AI developers worldwide.

The collaboration will enable secure, decentralized training of AI/ML models across various sectors, with an emphasis on privacy-preserving data analysis and federated learning.


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