Is There a Constellation Episode 9 Release Date or Part 2?

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Fans want to know if a release date and time for Constellation Episode 9 has been scheduled. Will a Part 2 of Season 1 arrive with more episodes or has the season ended? Here’s everything you need to know.

Is there a Constellation Episode 9 release date and time?

There is no Constellation Episode 9 release date and time as the series had just 8 episodes.

With many Apple TV Plus shows such as Ted Lasso and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters having more than 8 episodes, subscribers are wondering if Constellation will also follow a similar pattern. But that isn’t the case as Constellation was confirmed to have 8 episodes in total. There is no Episode 9 in the can so a release date shouldn’t be expected.

Will there be a Constellation Season 1 Part 2 or has the series ended?

There is no Constellation Season 1 Part 2 with more episodes as the series ended with Episode 8.

Considering the ending of Episode 8, people are looking forward to more episodes as there are several dangling threads that still need to be tied up. But unfortunately, there is no Season 1 Part 2 headed our way that will answer all these unanswered questions.

Apple TV Plus doesn’t split its shows into two parts as it follows a weekly release pattern to spread out its shows across a month or two. For more episodes, viewers will have to wait for a potential second season, which is yet to be greenlit.

Comingsoon will provide updates once a renewal is officially announced.

The official synopsis of Constellation reads:

“When a fatal accident occurs on board the International Space Station, a lone astronaut makes the heroic journey back to Earth, only to discover key pieces of her life—including her young daughter—have changed.”

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