Jennifer Lopez Reveals Advice Ben Affleck Gave Her For This Is Me… Now Visuals

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Written By Maya Cantina

From what we know about This Is Me…Now: The Film so far, Jennifer Lopez’s planned narrative feature will act as a visual tie-in to her upcoming ninth studio album This Is Me…Now and will be available exclusively to Prime Video subscribers beginning Friday, February 16 to coincide with the record release. 

We also know that said visuals look absolutely unhinged, as seen in a teaser trailer that showed JLo randomly dancing in a steel factory, sitting down for therapy sessions with Fat Joe and riding across salt flats on a motorcycle with her real-life husband Ben Affleck. 

Affleck acts as a co-writer on the project, and Lopez recently revealed in a press conference on Thursday how her famous hubby helped her overcome her doubts while making the film. Per People, the actress-singer said:

I was like, ‘I don’t write, I don’t do this.’ He was like, ‘You do, you write, you direct, you produce, you choreograph, you do all the things. Start stepping into that, start owning a little bit of who you are.

The film’s director Dave Meyers, who accompanied Lopez at the press conference, added even more details about how her connection to Affleck helped to inspire and shape the project, particularly the power couple’s much-publicized breakup back in the early 2000s and Bennifer’s romantic rekindling twenty years later. (The pair married twice in 2022, first eloping in Las Vegas in a small, private affair and then having a big blowout wedding later at Affleck’s Savannah, GA compound.) Meyers said: 

Metaphorically, it is true. That stemmed from her telling me the pain that she’s been in, specifically the pain that she went through when she broke up with Ben the first time. There was a lot of honesty that was shared in that first meeting, and so the heart factory became sort of a Titanic-level meltdown, which was a metaphor for what she was giving me as far as her truth.

Lopez concurred with Meyers’ assessment, saying that the upcoming film represents a new phase for the performer, “a healthier, more self-accepting phase”:

It ended this 20-year journey about a lot of questions that I had about love and being myself, a hopeless romantic, and what it means to really enter into a kind of healthier, more self-accepting phase for myself. Now what will happen from that, I hope, will be even more wonderful things that I have been so privileged to live up until this point.

As well as ushering in this “healthier” new phase, the movie also gets real about the “hard times that nobody knew,” Lopez shared, and helped her gain “the confidence to be vulnerable”: 

What the movie shows is that there has been struggles and there has been hard times that nobody knew about that I kept to myself, and gaining the confidence to be vulnerable and to admit certain things to the world has only made me more comfortable in my own skin and empowered me to step into this next phase of my life as an artist and as a human being.

You’ll be able to see both the romantic storylines and those curious visuals when Jennifer Lopez’s This Is Me…Now: The Film drops on February 16 on Prime Video. 


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