‘Kids Will Humble You’: As America Ferrera’s Barbie Performance Is Praised, She Reveals Her Children’s Funny Reactions To The Movie

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Fresh off her first Oscar nomination, America Ferrera continues to receive praise for her Barbie performance and rousing finale speech about womanhood. While Hollywood and moviegoers celebrate Ferrara, her kids are ambivalent about their mother being in the summer blockbuster. On that note, she revealed her children’s funny reactions to the movie.

The Barbie actress came clean about her kids’ reactions while honored with the Virtuosos Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (via People). Before the comedy blockbuster took over pop culture, Ferrera brought her two children to watch it at the Los Angeles premiere. Sitting at the screening wasn’t quite the family bonding experience the Oscar nominee expected. She recalled her three-year-old daughter’s reaction, saying:

My daughter turns to me and says, ‘Why were you driving that car?’ Awesome. I’m so glad that’s what you took from that.

Of course, a three-year-old wouldn’t comprehend the message behind her viral feminist monologue, but at least her daughter was paying attention. Still, Ferrera has a right to be frustrated as her words mark a pivotal shift in Gloria and Sasha’s mother-daughter relationship. So the Hollywood A-lister wanted her youngest child to feel the power.

Her daughter’s question took her aback, but the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants alum admitted her son’s question was more devastating for her ego. The five-year-old didn’t ask anything about the Mattel movie until two weeks after the screening. His question favored the Kens as Ferrera said:

He goes, ‘Mom, did the construction workers ever finish building that wall?’ … Your mother was in a movie and nobody cares. Anyway, kids will humble you, and it’s wonderful.

Her son wasn’t wrong to ask about the Kendom wall; it was never completed. Of course, the Kens’ Barbieland takeover failed after Gloria, Barbie, Sasha, and other disgruntled dolls reclaimed the utopia-like land. However, her kids’ blasé reaction didn’t affect the 39-year-old actress’ response to watching the speech for the first time. Ferrara recalled feeling “the meaning” behind her character’s words. She admitted the words were “moving” and “so deep” despite saying the monologue multiple times on the Barbie set.

Things worked out for America Ferrera, as she scored a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination in conjunction with Barbie’s eight Academy Award nominations. She’s even up for a Satellite Award for her performance in the film. As the Oscars airdate inches closer, Ferrera already has her next projects lined up, including gearing up for her feature directorial debut I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.

In the meantime, watch why America Ferrera is competing for an Oscar by streaming Barbie through a Max subscription. Check out our 2024 movies schedule to see what upcoming films will hit theaters and streaming this year.


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