Kim Myung-Soo & Lee Yoo-Young’s New K-Drama Treat Me Carelessly to Air on KBS2

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Treat Me Carelessly is an upcoming romantic comedy K-drama. The series stars popular South Korean actors Kim Myung-Soo, aka L, and Lee Yoo-Young as the lead pair. The entertainment company behind the production of the brand-new series, Fantagio, has made a significant announcement regarding the K-drama’s release on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

Fantagio announced that Treat Me Carelessly is all set to debut on the KBS2 network. The entertainment company also confirmed that the K-drama will air in May 2024.

Upcoming K-drama Treat Me Carelessly starring Kim Myung-Soo & Lee Yoo-Young will air on KBS2 network

As mentioned earlier, the entertainment company Fantagio has disclosed that the upcoming new rom-com K-drama Treat Me Carelessly will arrive in May 2024 on KBS2. The upcoming series is an adaptation of the popular Naver webtoon of the same name. Sun Woo has served as both the writer and the illustrator of the original webtoon.

Treat Me Carelessly is a fascinating romantic comedy story of Shin Yoon-Bok and Kim Hong-Do. One of the main characters, Shin Yoon Bok, is a disciple belonging to Seongsan village. He is a deep believer in Confucianism. It is an ancient belief system with its prime focus on the significance of a person’s morality and ethics.

Meanwhile, Kim Hong-Do is a fierce and modern woman with a straightforward and reckless nature. She wants to make it big in the art and design industry. Thus, it will be quite intriguing to see how the love story between the two opposite characters unfolds.

Actor and K-pop boy group INFINITE member Kim Myung-Soo, aka L, will portray the male lead character, Shin Yoon-Bok. Meanwhile, actress Lee Yoo-Young will play the main female character, Kim Hong-Do, in the series.

Treat Me Carelessly will air on KBS2 in May 2024.


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