Knife attacks instead of summer fairy tales

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Written By Maya Cantina

The EM dream is over, the summer fairytale 2.0 has burst like a soap bubble. In terms of sports, things looked pretty good for a long time for the German national team. Politically, however, a summer fairy tale had no chance anyway: a dilapidated infrastructure, dilapidated station districts and, above all, the increasingly dramatic security situation in the country were bad conditions for a European Championship. Above all the increasing incidence of knife attacks keep the police on their toes, disturb more and more citizens – and will likely gradually have an impact on Germany’s reputation in the world.

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In this JF-TV Report Let’s meet a security expert who wishes to remain anonymous. He reveals just how dangerous knife attacks really are and analyses what’s causing a stir Knife attack in Mannheim went wrong and explains why these events have increased so much due to mass migration. We show what is happening on the streets of Germany today and explain what needs to be done so that we can finally get the situation under control again. (map)

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