Lauterbach accuses Bavaria of hypocrisy when it comes to cannabis

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Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has accused the CSU-led state government in Bavaria of hypocrisy when it comes to intoxicants such as hemp and alcohol. Numerous bans on smoking weed in public have been tackled, such as those in Munich Oktoberfestsaid the SPD politician in Berlin, this makes the politics very unlikely. “On the one hand, it is being acted as if federal laws do not apply in Bavaria. And – 75 years of the Basic Law – that is not the case.”

“Second: keyword hypocrisy. If beer steins of this size are used and people are so drunk that they can no longer go to the toilet on their own, then the drunks are actually lying in the mud, if you like, then it would happen. In my opinion In my opinion there is no longer any chance of one or two joints,” said Lauterbach to applause from his audience. At the democracy festival celebrating 75 years of the constitution, the Minister of Health, together with Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir (Greens), answered questions from citizens on the subject of cannabis.

The CSU-led state government in Bavaria fiercely fought the cannabis law until it came into effect on April 1. Since then, it has imposed new bans on cannabis use in public spaces, such as at public festivals. She also rushed forward with a catalog of fines.

The Bavarian Minister of Health Judith Gerlach described Lauterbach’s accusation as “absurd” and defended the Bavarian course. According to the CSU politician, it is correct that Bavaria has exhausted the federal government’s framework for cannabis fines. “We are sending a clear signal that protecting young people is more important to us than drug use. On the other hand, it is completely absurd that the federal government continues to downplay the risks of cannabis.”

No taxes on cannabis

Lauterbach made it clear that, unlike tobacco and alcohol, cannabis would not be taxed. “That’s not planned.” People have long been thinking about selling cannabis in stores like cigarettes. But that is not possible under European law. Moreover, marketing would create an incredible market, and that is not what you want.

A cooperative model was therefore chosen for the growing associations. The cooperatives grew cannabis exclusively for their members’ own use, made no profit and paid no taxes. “Colleague Lindner – that hurt us especially because we value him very much – colleague Lindner is empty-handed,” Lauterbach teased towards Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP).

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