Lenny Kravitz Opens Up About What His Relationship With Jason Momoa Looks Like After The DC Alum’s Divorce From Lisa Bonet

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Written By Maya Cantina

Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa have a lot in common. Not only are they both stellar on-screen talents, but they also have a shared romantic history with The Cosby Show’s Lisa Bonet. Despite that the two have seemingly shared a close relationship over the years. Now, in the aftermath of Momoa and Bonet’s divorced being settled last month, Kravitz is opening up about what his relationship is like with the DC alum now.

Years ago, there was much attention surrounding the relationship between Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, who eloped in Las Vegas in 1987. Bonet later gave birth to their daughter, Zoë Kravitz, one year later. In 1993, the two ultimately divorced. Bonet started dating eventual Aquaman star Jason Momoa in 2005 and they got married in October 2017. It was in 2022 that Momoa and Bonet announced they would divorce. You’d think two men sharing a romantic history with the same woman would cause awkwardness and drama and possibly even more now following that second divorce. But, when Kravitz spoke to People, he said the bromance will continue:

We’re family, We will be family. There’s no judgment.

That’s sweet to hear. Considering that Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa have been close for years, one can understand why they wouldn’t seek to throw that bond away now. Also, from a fan perspective, it’s been sweet to see their interactions. The Hunger Games star made sure to send birthday wishes to his pal in 2020, remarking that they’re family. Kravitz sent another birthday message to Momoa a year later and said that he was proud to call him “my brother.” And, if those weren’t lovely enough, another tribute was shared in 2022, and it featured a picture of the two riding motorcycles with the wind in their hair. This is a friendship I can’t help but love, and one would hope that it gets stronger as time goes on.

There seems to be another element that hasn’t changed between Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz after the former’s divorce from Bonet, and it’s their bond with each other’s kids. The Shotgun Wedding star said the connection he has with Momoa’s youngsters, Lola Lolani and Nakoa-Wolf, is still the same:

I’m very proud that their kids call me Uncle Lenny. We’re all extremely close and share a lot of love. … It’s all good. We will continue, life will continue, love will continue.

I’d like to think that he’ll always be Uncle Lenny to them. He and the Dune star are also both father figures to Zoë Kravitz an show their support throughout her accomplishments. When the Batman star made her SNL debut, both Momoa and Lenny shared Instagram posts about what a great job she did and expressed how proud they were of her. What a team! The Hawaii native also showed his support to his stepdaughter with a slew of emojis when she posted a throwback photo of her parents pushing her in a carriage when she was a baby. With all of the support and love this clan has for each other, this is a truly blended family worth aspiring to.

So, all in all, it sounds like the bromance is still going strong despite this latest divorce. It’s proof that when you have a genuine family dynamic, nothing can pull each other apart. As they continue to balance that relationship, keep your eyes peeled on the schedule 2024 new movie releases in case the two stars turn up there.


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