Lisa Frankenstein Ending Explained: Undead Love, Resurrected

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Written By Sedoso Feb

Lisa’s dad (Joe Chrest) and sister Taffy are distraught about their mom’s disappearance (not knowing Lisa and the Creature killed her and hid her body), but Lisa feels untouchable. Taffy bails out on school feeling too distraught, but Lisa struts through the halls like she’s in control of the world. Because, to some extent, she is. Her world, that is. Unfortunately, the walls are beginning to close in on Lisa. The police are starting to put the clues together that link Lisa to the murder of her classmate, and with her mother still missing, these coincidences are becoming a little too hard to ignore.

She storms out of school knowing that the jig is soon up, and decides that she’s going to lose her virginity before the time is up. Michael wasn’t in class so she correctly assumes he’s skipping, and heads for his house. The Creature rolls up in a car he’s stolen (yes, he can drive, don’t ask) and takes her to Michael’s house. Lisa runs up the stairs, fully ready to throw herself at her crush when she realizes … MICHAEL IS HOOKING UP WITH TAFFY!

She’s furious. She can’t believe her eyes, and she delivers Michael one hell of a monologue about how even cool art boys won’t give weirdo art girls the time of day because they can’t bear the thought of a girl being just as cool or smart as he is. And then, out of nowhere, the Creature arrives with an axe and CHOP! Michael’s manhood goes flying. The Creature, now in possession of Michael’s penis, bails and Lisa, realizing Taffy is a little more than traumatized, takes her blood-soaked sister with her to find her undead boyfriend.


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