Litecoin (LTC) Gets Major Core Upgrade; Here’s Implication

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Written By Maya Cantina

Thu, 21/03/2024 – 16:55

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Litecoin, one of the pioneering cryptocurrencies in the digital asset space, has recently undergone a core upgrade, introducing several noteworthy changes to the LTC network.


The latest core upgrade, “Litecoin Core v0.21.3rc3,” brings several key improvements and features to the Litecoin network. This update marks an important milestone in Litecoin’s ongoing evolution and highlights the project’s commitment to enhancing its technology and functionality.

The Litecoin Core 0.21.3 release candidate is a new minor version release, including new features, various bug fixes and important security updates.

One of the notable changes brought on by the core upgrade is important security updates that strengthen Litecoin’s security measures to mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities. The latest release contains fixes for CVE-2023-33297, which allows an attacker to cause a remote bandwidth and CPU denial of service, an attack that has been exploited in the wild.

The upgrade also adds new MWEB features, among which are light client p2p messages that implement LIP006, and the addition of PSBTs, the technology behind hardware wallets that has been redesigned to support MWEB.

The upgrade also implements build changes, which include those that primarily update the macOS build SDK to Xcode 12.1, increasing the minimum macOS version to 10.15.6. These changes also improve build instructions for UNIX systems and fix builds on Alpine Linux/musl.

In a remarkable milestone, the Litecoin network has now completed over 28 million transactions so far in 2024.

In another positive development for Litecoin, Coinbase Derivatives has hinted at its plans to launch cash-settled futures contract products for cryptocurrencies Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as soon as April 1.


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