Man threatens with pickaxe on Reeperbahn, police shoot

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After the shooting near the Reeperbahn in Hamburg-St. Pauli goes Police According to initial findings, it was a lone perpetrator. The Hamburg police wrote this on Platform X on Sunday afternoon.

Around noon, officers shot a man armed with a pickaxe and a Molotov cocktail. According to police, he was hit in the leg. The man came from a bar on Silbersackstrasse. He had a tool in his hand, a type of pickaxe, and pointed it at police officers in a “threatening manner.” They asked him to put down the tools. He also had a Molotov cocktail in his hand. The injuries are currently being treated medically.

Shortly before, there was a march of about 40,000 expected Dutch fans in St. Pauli for the European Championship match between the Netherlands and Poland. But this was already over during the incident. “According to current knowledge, there is no football relationship,” the spokesperson said.

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