Meadow Walker Shares Touching Image With Paul Walker, And Her Caption Is Heartbreaking

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Written By Maya Cantina

It was a sad day for the world when The Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker died in a car accident. His daughter, Meadow, was only 15 years old when she lost her father and has continuously made sure to honor his memory. While the American model is all grown up now, the 25-year-old shared a touching throwback photo of her and her late father with an incredibly heartbreaking caption to go with it.

Paul Walker entertained audiences for seven Fast & Furious movies playing FBI agent-turned-criminal Brian O’Connor, as well as being the founder of the nonprofit charity Reach Out Worldwide. Another important job of Walker’s was being the proud father of his daughter, Meadow, who has found many opportunities to honor her late father’s memory. On her Instagram story, the 25-year-old model posted a throwback photo of her and her dad being all smiles when she was a little girl. Take a look at the touching photo below:

(Image credit: Meadow Walker)

Meadow Walker shared two photos of her and her dad playing together at their house. In both photos, the She’s All That actor looks to be wearing boxers on his head trying to make his little girl laugh. The first photo has him lovingly brushing his daughter’s cheek, and the second photo has him laughing directly at the camera. But the one thing that caught my attention the most with Meadow’s post was the heart-wrenching caption that said “Bring my best friend back.” Your heart breaks along with her as you resonate with her tragic message of missing someone you love so badly.

The only child of Paul Walker has made sure to keep the late actor alive through social media. On Easter in 2021, Meadow Walker shared a sweet throwback photo being in her father’s arms as a little girl. She also tributed the Varsity Blues actor on what would have been his 48th birthday by posting a father-and-daughter photo of the two looking so adorable. 

Other than using social media to honor her father, Meadow Walker has used the Fast & Furious franchise to help keep Paul Walker’s legacy alive. It first started with the young model being on set with her F9 family, and later led to having a cameo role in Fast X. It’s amazing that Meadow went from being only a year old when her father made his debut in the action franchise to playing a flight attendant helping Jakob get away from the Agency mid-flight. 

According to her Instagram post about the cameo honor, Meadow said she was in disbelief to be part of the world she was born into with the actors who worked alongside her father for years. I’m sure the Joy Ride actor would be very proud of his daughter for having such a kick-ass role in the franchise’s tenth installment. 

Meadow Walker sure is missing her “best friend” posting a father-and-daughter throwback photo of the two. Through her childhood memories and Fast & Furious, she’s been incredible in keeping his memory alive.

The next installment in the franchise, Fast & Furious 11, is set to be released on April 4th, 2025. You could also watch Paul Walker in the action franchise’s first five movies with your Amazon Prime subscription, and Walker’s final appearance in Furious 7 with your Max subscription.


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