Megan Fox Just Defied Expectations About What ‘A Mother’ Should Look Like In A Corset Top And Thigh High Cowboy Boots

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Written By Maya Cantina

Megan Fox is never afraid to make a statement. This weekend, when many eyeballs were prepping to be glued to TV screens to watch a tight game between the Kansas City Chiefs and The San Francisco 49ers (or at least Super Bowl LVIII’s best commercials), the Expendables 4 actress took to social media to defy stereotypes about what a mother is and what a mother looks like in our society. 

Of course, I think that most people know that moms have a whole slew of differences, from looks, to priorities, personalities, occupations, hobbies, socioeconomic status and more.  I think because we see her as a socialite and industry staple and because the kids she shares with ex-Brian Austin Green are not in tow, it’s easy to forget that at the end of the day Megan Fox is also a mom. A mom of three in fact. But she’d like to remind her fans that just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean she can’t rock whatever looks she wants, and that’s exactly what she did this weekend with her post, which she simply captioned: “a mother.”

Throwing on thigh high cowboy boots is a bit of a new look for the actress, but it does not surprise me that she would support the corset trend. Typically when we see Megan Fox out in public it’s at an event and she’s dressed to the nines in something edgy, like a bright blue see-through fishnet skirt or a blazer and just a blazer on the red carpet

The one thing that I can say about Megan Fox’s fashion sense is that she is generally ahead of or just on the verge of a new trend. She has taste that’s all her own – as evidenced by the fact Fox has pink hair in the photos – but she still colors within the lines of what’s trendy in a given moment. At least, if she’s not helping to create those lines herself. Therefore, given we’ve seen corsets on everyone from Taylor Swift to Lizzo in recent days, I’m not remotely surprised the Transformers actress would give the style her own spin. 

It’s unclear what prompted Megan Fox to remind her 21.6 million followers that she is a mom, but given the vitriol in some of her comments, some level of trolling could be involved. Though it’s worth pointing out some fans were kind about the post, complimenting her pink hair. Another even noted “Yes, we mothers can look hot and dress like that,” so she had some support. 

When it comes to raising their kids, she and her ex Brian Austin Green have put in great effort to keep them out of the spotlight. Green has only positive things to say about co-parenting with Megan Fox, and the two presented a united front a while back when dealing with rumors they were forcing their male children into “girls clothes.” Outside of her family life, it’s clearly important to her that she puts in effort to look good, and this weekend, she reminded everyone there’s nothing wrong with that being a part of her branding.


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